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La Catrina is a lifestyle brand that represents the best that California offers. Each varietal’s fruit is carefully selected according to the ideal growing regions of California, including the North and Central Coasts and the Central Valley of the Golden State. La Catrina wines are crafted, vinted and bottled in Napa, California.


LA CATRINA: With a dry wit and a certain complexity, the Mother of the Bride keeps everyone's senses alert. Rich and a bit Fruity, this voluptuous lady offers tastes that linger and echo.

88% Chardonnay, 8% French Colombard, 4% Mixed white 15 g/l


THE WEDDING SINGER: Baritone notes both smooth and challenge the senses. Echoes of mysterious spice are veiled by lighter fruity and flowery notes. Dark and sweet merge ’til death do us part.

88% Syrah, 6% Ruby red, 5% Ruby Cab, 1% Grenache 100g/l



BRIDE AND GROOM: Tradition rules the day when subtle tones of currant and plum merge with romance. More mellow but ever deepening expressions replace the gripping bursts of youth as they age together.

80% Cab S, 11% Ruby Red, 5% Dry red, 4% Barbera 13.5 g/l


BRIDESMAIDS: Somewhere between dark and day, these luscious sirens toss a bouquet of ruby rose and jasmine kisses. Maidens lightly dance teasing like strawberry tarts on a sultry evening.

86% Moscato, 6% chardonnay, 6% French colombard, 2% Viognier 27 g/l



MARIACHIS: Crisp notes of sweet percussion, delight and reverberate to awaken the spirits. The Mariachis play a spicy aromatic tune and summon the living to dance.

80% Pinot Grigio, 15% French colombard, 5% Chardonnay 15.5 g/l


BEST MEN: A sure bet, the Best Men are always comfortable. A straight flush of cherry scents fill the air as this full house of gentlemen double-down for an all-in evening without cares.

45% Syrah, 22% Ruby red, 18% Alicante, 8% Malbec, 2% Pinot Grigio, 2% Ruby Cab, 1.5% Carignane, 1.5% Grenache 28 g/l

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