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Having grown up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sean has been heavily influenced by the traditional heritage art forms of the region as well as the influx of contemporary art that have made Santa Fe an attractive destination for collectors and artists. Sean is a juried member of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society.


Sean participates in the annual Spanish Market along with her brother, Jason Younis y Delgado, who practices Spanish Colonial Tinwork as a 5th generation tinsmith. Sean also found early guidance when paired with the local Santa Fe artist and gallery-owner, Victoria Rabinowe through the Big Brothers Big Sisters. Sean achieved a Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Virginia in 1995 and has pursued design in all its forms with her husband, Daryl Wells, under their shared company, Twilight Design Studio. The education from the University gave Sean a foundation of and love for the philosophy of design, something which she incorporates into everything she produces. Although they have always produced collateral marketing materials for their architecture clients, the waning market for architectural design naturally guided them towards developing the graphics and marketing aspects of their studio.

For Spanish Market, Sean is contracted to limit skeleton (“muerto”) imagery to the regional folk character “Doña Sebastiana,” the bow-carrying wooden figure that rides in the “Death Cart”. Always having an affinity for the skeleton images associated with Dia de los Muertos, Sean began researching the Doña image in relation the the popular Muertos of Mexico. Through her research, Sean came to understand the uniqueness of the regional Doña image and began promoting it as a way to connect with the regional history by catching the interest of people already fascinated with Muerto imagery. Her unusual Doña retablo paintings quickly became recognized and associated with her. Each label carries a unique muerto character with the graphic layout prepared by Daryl.

An artist from a very young age, Daryl pursues the creation of beautiful things in all aspects of design. Daryl has won numerous national design awards in various disciplines including Architecture, Product Design, Web Media and Print Design. Daryl’s formal education is in the field of Architecture, however in collaboration with Sean he began to branch out into the other design disciplines and formed their joint studio during a rigorous period of Graduate School. Daryl has had the opportunity to create for some world renown organizations including Marriott, Habitat for Humanity, The US Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, The Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Project Foundation and others.
The Wells family have all embraced the Day of the Dead celebrations in their current home of New Mexico and their design work has been influenced by the vibrant colors and jubilant celebration of the ‘Dia de los Muertos’ traditions. You can see more of their studio work on the website: Daryl has taken Sean’s evocative paintings and melded them into polished, graphically striking wine bottle labeling and a host of related collateral, including this website.